Relativity by Peggy Martinez

What can I say?  It was better than the first!  So many questions were answered, thank God, but so many more came up.  There were quite a few twists and turns in the second installment of the Sage Hannigan, Time Warper series.

There were a few things that I mentioned to Peggy that I wanted to happen in this book, and when she told me I would be happy, I had no idea how close I was to actually getting everything I asked for!  

We gets lots more time with the yummy goodness of Mr. Black, also known as Sir Blackwell.  There are so many things I would do to that man... I am also proud to say that Sage stays true to her feelings, for the most part anyway, and that is something that is rare in books like this lately.

But, my God, the end!  Talk about a cliff hanger.  Well, not really a cliff hanger.  Ok, it is a cliff hanger.  So many things happen in this book that once you get to the end you are thinking that there surely isn't anything that will surprise you, and then BAM!  BAM! BAM!  And you're sitting, looking at the pages (screen?) with your mouth gaping open waiting to catch flies.

The next book in this series is not going to get here soon enough for this girl.  Thankfully, there is a novella available that I can read to tide me over, and another in the works (isn't Peggy so thoughtful?!).

The only thing about reading this book that I missed about the last was the clothes.  I missed reading about all of the amazing clothes that Sage got to wear in 1904.  I really hope we get to experience that again before the end of the series!

For information on the Author and how to contact her, visit my review for Contingency and scroll down below my review!

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