It's Always Sunny in Manchester, England

As those of you who follow my blog know, I have been out of the country for nearly a month - the reason for having no posts during that time.  I had a wonderful time and thought I would share my fun time with all of you since you waited so patiently for me to return and get to your book reviews! For those of you who have been waiting, I am currently spending the next few days writing all of the reviews that need posted and I am going to schedule them to post over the next few weeks.  If I remember to, I will send you the links to your book's review.  Please forgive me if I miss that, I am still quite a bit jet lagged.

I figured the best way to tell you about the shenanigans fun I had in England would be to just post pictures! Here you go, loverlies!

It's always sunny in Manchester, England!

I got to meet David Beckham wearing nothing but jeans!

My favorite thing about England is their food!

See aforementioned statement!

You cannot visit England without going to a soccer football match.

I got very thirsty.

Did I mention how amazing the food is?

Beck learned about the birds and the bees.

There are such things as Men in Tights.

Apparently my friends really did miss me.

I stumbled upon this in a charity shop, so I bought it.  It's good.  Read it. ;-)

Feeding the ducks and someone decided to rob me!

Again, oh my god.  Bacon is so much better in England!

This is the best Irish Pub.  Seriously, there is a giant tree that goes though the middle of the bar!

They have the best architecture...

...but can ruin a view with one stupid Inn!

Oh. My. God. Food!

Back to reality.