Shattered Souls by Karice Bolton - Advance Release Review!

A battle is brewing among the covens…

As Triss prepares to defeat the Praedivinus, a new order rises, and this one is far more deadly. Navigating her way through mystic realms, and unknown portals it is up to Triss to recognize real from imagined and stop the two from colliding.

My Review

I have never been more sad to finish a book... Or a series!  That's right folks, the Witch Avenue Series is brought to an end with Shattered Souls - So all of you who do not have any patience can now start reading this wonderful series by Karice Bolton!

There were so many new and exciting elements that were adding to the story in Shattered Souls.  New abilities, which are mind blowing - pun totally intended ;-)  - some new and very colorful characters were introduced, and some questions that have more than likely come up throughout the first three books were answered.  

Triss has grown so much from the start of the series and I finished the book actually feeling proud to know her.  Yes, I know she is a fictional character, but book nerds such as myself will totally understand what that means.  Once I was finished reading this book I felt complete and happy.  Although, my eye balls did leak just a little bit near the end.  I really wish this was not the last book in the series.  I could read book after book about Triss and Logan.  But at the same time I think it was time for Karice to close out their story.  They had come full circle and ended on a high note.

Do not fret though!  Karice has a few different stories in the works - there is a New Adult Contemporary Romance due out mid-summer and a new Paranormal Romance series starting up late summer.  I am sure that Karice will deliver nothing but her usual high-quality work and fantastic stories to get lost in.  I love that she is branching out and trying new things - and succeeding!  Now if we can just talk her into continuing her stand-alone YA Suspense/Romance novel The Camp I think I will be one happy reader!

About Karice Bolton

I have lived in the Northwest my entire life and love just about everything Washington has to offer, including the rain!  I graduated from our local university and enjoyed every minute of the writing and literature courses I took.  Rather than follow the norm, I followed my heart and decided not to get a business degree.  I obtained a B.A. focusing on Literature and History and have been writing ever since. 

I have two beautiful English bulldogs and a gorgeous husband who just happens to be my high school sweetheart - Yes,  I am a bit infatuated!!!

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Shattered Souls is due to release June 3rd on Amazon!