3 Day Author Spotlight - Witchling Series by Lizzy Ford - Dark Summer


A school for Witchlings...

The ultimate choice between Light and Dark...

Where the price of a mistake...is your soul.

Sixteen-year-old Summer doesn’t expect her new boarding school to be any different than the rest: a temporary stay, until her uncontrollable magic gets her thrown out again. In her mind, there’s no point in getting too friendly with anyone. That is, until she notices Decker, the boy who will become the Master of Night and Fire on his eighteenth birthday. 

When she learns that this special school has attracted others with magic in their blood, she is hopeful that this time around, things may be different. Besides, she can’t deny her interest in Decker, and when he rescues her one night from the dark forests of the Rocky Mountains, their connection is instant.

Yet a relationship with Decker may prove to be Summer’s downfall, forcing her to choose between Light and Dark, life and death, love – and their souls.

One choice. One soul. One price.

My Review

I absolutely loved this story.  Summer is so easy to connect with.  I just could not help but root for her.  I absolutely loved the relationship between her and Decker.  Even more, I loved that Decker is not perfect.  He is troubled and hurting and trying to find a way to cope with the responsibilities he was born into.
I have to say that I did not see what happened at the end of the story coming.  Talk about being thrown for a loop!  It broke my heart and I wanted to scream.  Everything that Summer endured during her trial to determine if she would become light or dark, surviving it and becoming light, just to have everything ripped away.  Just heart breaking!

I could not put this book down, and as soon as I finished the first book I immediately started reading the next in the series, Autumn Storm.  Seriously one of the best paranormal YA series I have read. 5 stars, A+, fantastic.

If you have not read Dark Summer, read it now! And do not read my review for Autumn Storm until you have read Dark Summer.  While I do not post spoilers, it will still give away a lot of what happened at the end of book one.

About Lizzy Ford

Lizzy Ford is the author of over seventeen novels written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling Rhyn Trilogy, Witchling Trilogy and the War of Gods series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring.

In late March 2012, “Damian’s Oracle” (Book I, War of Gods) was featured in USA Today, an indication that Lizzy’s career is just starting to take off!

In November 2012, Lizzy signed with Margery Walshaw of Evatopia, a literary management and production firm representing writers and their books to TV/movie studios in Hollywood.


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