The In Between by Catherine Converse


Two girls with opposing backgrounds join a secret intelligence agency located deep in the earth to remain hidden from society, where their psychic dreams are used to prevent murder. 

As the girls form a unique friendship, they begin to dream about the same serial case, triggering a chaos that spirals through the agency tunnels. They discover that the agency may not be all that it seems, and the lives they need to save are their own.

My Review

I just loved this book!  First, it is an entirely new concept to the paranormal world, for myself anyway.  I loved the main character in the story, and her growth throughout the story was remarkable.  She takes things in stride and isn't afraid to voice her opinion when she feels warranted.  She is independent in so many different ways.

The only thing that I found disappointing is that we didn't get to learn more about her partner.  However, I have already read the second book in the series to write up my review, and a little more is brought to life there.  This series is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone, teens and adults alike.  It is very easy to relate to the characters and the story is just wonderful.

About Catherine Converse

Catherine Converse lives with her husband and four children in beautiful Montana. She squeaked by with a Business Degree at Carroll College, only to realize (while glancing back at transcripts years later) that the only A’s she got were in Writing and Literature classes.

She wishes there were more hours in the day (who doesn’t, right), and that her mind would just shut down sometimes.

If not writing, or researching, she would really like to be outside with her family, and preferably on her snowboard. Or just petting their horses.

Grateful for such a blessed life, she just hopes to bring stories of all kinds to life, and enjoyment to those who read them.

Catherine owns and operates Golden Dot Publishing, an independent publishing company.

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