Surviving ELE - Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels

***This review contains no spoilers if you have not read the first three books in the series.  Please read Project ELE (free), Finding ELE, and Exposing ELE before reading Surviving ELE.***

Eeeep!  This book was fantastic!  So many things happen, so many issues are resolved.  Questions were answered.  All around wonderful and fun!  I will not go into too much detail with this book because I want you to read it - I'm not CliffsNotes!

There is quite a few places that caused my heart to beat out of my chest.  There was a few scenes that seriously made my belly tingle.  There was one scene in particular that had me screaming at the book - cheering Willow on and saying FINALLY!!!!!

And for my one "spoiler," like I always try to do for my readers:

This is NOT the last book.  As of right now (I say that because Rebecca and Courtney are notorious for changing their minds :P ) there will be one more book.  This is your spoiler because as I got about 80% through the book my heart started getting sad.  It seemed as though we were wrapping up the story while there were some questions arising that couldn't just be left unanswered!  Looking back, I should have seen that they were opening up the story again to be able to give us more, but I was so hung up on what had just happened that my brain seriously couldn't function properly!  And once I was finished I just sat there, mouth hanging open, and scratching my head in total shock and awe.

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  1. Yay! We are so happy you liked it! <3 Definitely not the last book. ;0)


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