The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch by Sonia Taylor Brock

Ok, you know when you sit down to read a book, and in the first few pages you like the idea but you're just not really sure if it's going to be something you'll enjoy?  I have to admit that's how I felt about this book in the beginning.  I did really like getting the back story, but as that came to an end, I wanted to know more about those characters (at least the time growing up that we kind of miss in the quick catch up to present time).

And then the story begins to unfold, rather quickly into the book (THANK YOU!), and I was hooked.  Had it not been my finals weeks, I probably would have read this book in one sitting.  There were so many twists and turns that I couldn't predict what was going to happen next - and I have a knack for that!  I think women are more comfortable writing female leads because we understand them better.  But Dan was just a wonderful character and easy for me to connect with, so I really enjoyed that aspect of the story.

The best part for me about this book is how original it is - I have read so many books in my lifetime and this one didn't remind me of any other.  I have to say that I will be reading many of Sonia's books in the near future!  You should too ;-)


The Legend of the Swamp Witch has been told for
centuries in the Swamps of Southern Louisiana.  Some say Voodoo,
Santeria and horrible monsters.  Others say there is a strange magic
that will suck your life away if you get too close.

An old lady that mysteriously makes things happen.  No one knows exactly
where she lives....unless she wants you to know.  Strange things go on
in that swamp.  All the locals know not to venture too close to that
particular area of the swamp, you might not make it out.  Those that do,
never want to go back.  All kinds of things are hidden there... things that BITE!

Dan Rawlings, a young reporter eager to make a name for himself goes into
these swamps looking for answers Into the heart of the Swamp Witch's
home. A missing heir to a fortune and the story that will make him
famous.  Only the Swamp Witch Has the information he needs. He enters
this strange place and listens to her stories. Is she just a crazy old
woman...or is she something more?

In only a matter of days he has changed. He
suddenly finds himself in a battle to the death.  Ready to defend this
place and these people that have somehow used their magic to steal his
heart. He came here for a story, but who would believe what he had

About the Author:

Born on the Oaklawn Plantation in New Iberia, Louisiana when it was still a working sugar mill, I was raised in Southern Louisiana by my Grandparents. I went to High School in Rayne, Louisiana.  A little shy and artsy, I made friends that I still stay in contact with today.  After Graduation, I joined the United States Marine Corps.  I have two children by my first marriage and have remarried and live in the Atlanta Georgia area.

My interests are currently Writing, Art, Music, Cooking,  Water sports, Travel (if my wallet will ever allow it), having fun with friends. playing with my Grandson, and enjoying life with my husband James.  Yes, I'm that sappy woman in love with her hubby.  When you have had your share of bad ones, you really appreciate a good one!

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