The Difference Between Night and Day by Melisa Turner Lee

Let me start by saying that you should not disregard this book because it is Christian Fiction.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like it because I was brought up in a Christian home and as I got older there was a lot about "Christians" that I did not like.  I think that a lot of people believe in God, or some other higher being, but a lot of those believers do not LIVE the life they preach to others.  This is the main reason I generally tend to shy away from anything religious.

What I loved about this book was that it shows the inner struggle that people who do actually try to live a virtuous life experience.  The author translates those feelings into words very well.  And while I prefer to not read Christian Fiction, I did enjoy this book!  It wasn't over done or in your face, and it was tasteful.

It was very Twilight-esque.  Nathanial, our resident vampire, was tormented, believing that he was damned, but Lilly let him see the light in himself.


  1. So this is a Christian book about a vampire? I'm just wondering if you think the whole vampire thing is being overdone a bit? I belong to a writers site FanStory and every other story is about vampires. How many vampire stories can you read? To be honest I've not read any, mainly becasue they don't interest me. I read mainly Christian books and find some corny but most are amazing. There are really talented Christian fiction writers, Steven Lawhead, The Pendragon Cycle, I couldn't put them down, and Francine Rivers, amazing, I stayed home from work once just to finish one of her books. Anyway, the whole vampire thing, what do you really think? I write childrens books and none are about vampires, just a little pig who thinks she's a super hero. Do you ever review Childrens books?

    1. Honestly, I don't read any Christian Fiction. This was my first one. I think that because there was a vampire in the story it made it so that it wasn't in your face, like so many other Christian things seem to be. I hope I'm expressing this clearly enough lol. I did enjoy the book. I think that if it were just about two people, and no other conflict other than whether they were leading a good, Christian lifestyle I probably wouldn't have liked it.

      Because she made it into something that more people would read (the vampire twist and the fact that Lilly can "feel" whether a person is inherently good or bad) it made the book good.

      I think that a lot of Christians would shy away from something like this because it doesn't 100% follow what is taught as the norm. And for that I applaud the author.

  2. I'm the author of the book and wrote it in 2008 so when I was picked up by AltWit and they wanted all my stories, I t was too tired of vampires to want to work on it. At this point, vampires have been done to death. I agree 100%. But I would say this is about a vampire in the way the Chronicles of Narnia is about children playing in a wardrobe. C.S Lewis said you can get closer to the truth in a fantasy story than you can in a more realistic story. I see truth in his words. I too love Francine Rivers. Think of my work as C.S. Lewis meets Francine Rivers. :)


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