Don't Kill Dinner - Cover Reveal!

One day while slaving away at her monotonous day job, Jennifer Martinez found her true calling. Like a firefly in the night, the pages called to her. Once she caught the bug there was no stopping it. Her fingers flew furiously across the keyboard winding tales of love, mystery and anger. She snapped out of her reverie to find herself still behind the desk but at least she knew who she was… Author Jennifer Martinez.

I like to think of myself as a beautiful conundrum. When I am not writing, I can be found surrounded by my amazing family and 4 dogs or volunteering at a local animal rescue. I love who I am and don’t mind at all when I get strange looks from people. I am a tattoo covered, child and animal lover who looks forward to destroying peoples preconceived notions of what “someone like me” would be interested in. You only live life once… you may as well make it interesting.

I love to get lost in a good book and hope that everyone will get lost in mine.

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Official Blurb:

There are three rules when it comes to being a vampire in New Orleans.

          1) Don’t kill dinner.
          2) Don’t feed from people you know.
          3) Don’t tell anyone.

Not too hard, right? Wrong. Kenna is a new vampire filled with a passion that has turned into an uncontrollable lust for blood.
Will Arthur be able to stop her feeding spree before the coven comes after her or is Kenna beyond saving?

Arthur has been watching Kenna for years, wanting her to try her own hand in life before he gave her the ultimate proposal. Now that she has accepted, will his love be enough to save her?

Anyone up for a teaser?

When we finally reached the Coven stronghold I was slightly disturbed to find it in the warehouse district surrounded by graffiti and gutter punks. Arthur pounded on the large stainless steel door and a small rectangle slid open to reveal a pair of menacing eyes. Arthur smiled just wide enough for his fully elongated fangs to show and I followed suit. Once we were inside the warehouse it took me a second to catch my breath. It was a completely different building on the inside. The walls were made of a grey stone and the floor was covered in plush black carpet. It was so soft it felt like you were walking on air. As Arthur led me down the hall I couldn’t help but relax. We finally came to a stop at a large arched wooden door. He grabbed my face with both hands and leaned in so our foreheads were touching. He then spoke in my mind, “Remember Kenna, use your Romanian, try not to be your cute sarcastic self and do not look her in the eyes.” I nodded, and he gave me a quick kiss on the lips that sent my stomach into a tizzy. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

♥ “I love you Kenna and I will never lose you. I promise.”  ♥