Released Souls by Karice Bolton

There are no words to describe how excited I was to get a sneak peak at this magnificent edition to the Witch Avenue Series!!  And yes, it was magnificent!  Karice Bolton is a wonderful author and has outdone herself with the amount of action, suspense, spice (yes ma'am!), and heart wrenching scenarios in this third book.

I felt as though I was living in the story along side Triss and Logan.  When they were happy, I was happy.  When their hearts were breaking, I wanted to slap a bitch.  My heart raced at every turn in their adventure.  Triss is one bad ass bitch witch, with no one as her equal.  She takes everything with such stride and faces her demons head on - taking no prisoners...  I cannot even begin describe the story in my own words without giving away the plot, so I'm going to leave you with the synopsis of this installment.


Triss and Logan’s love is becoming stronger by the day as they harness the powers between them, but will that make them blind to the evil they’re facing?

After uncovering startling information about her family, Triss is determined to right the wrongs of her ancestors. Triss and Logan uncover who has infiltrated the covens across the globe, and they realize the plans of the dark side are far more sinister than they’d ever imagined.

As the power of this hidden world is exposed, Triss learns her role in the covens. With Logan, Dace and Bakula’s assistance, Triss is now able to fully realize the abilities her ancestors have given her.

It won’t be long until the dark forces regain their strength, especially as their leader, Eben, continues his quest for a power that can never be revoked. Triss must stop him before it is too late.

Released Souls is FINALLY available today!!  Go grab a copy!! Also, if you would like to get to know this wonderful author, head on over to her facebook page and show her some love.  Let her know I sent you ♥

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The Watchers Trilogy and Prequel:

Awakening - Free!
Taken - Prequel
**I suggest reading them in this order.  If you read the prequel first, it will give away a lot of the surprise in Awakening!**

Witch Avenue Series: