Unicorn Witch - Derek White

Unicorn Witch is a very interesting story.  It can be a bit confusing when you are first starting the book, because you jump back and forth between two different places that seem to be in two different times.  Don't let this confuse you.  The years are different because they started tracking dates at different times.  They actually coexist at the same time.  Refuge is a planet, equivalent to Earth, but is not nearly as populated and is inhabited by witches and various other awesome creatures.  There is a group referred to as The Old Ones, that will rescue witches that are in danger of losing their lives on Earth.  The Old Ones put them on the planet Refuge as a safe haven.  Hence, the name Refuge!  I am only telling you this because it will make things easier to understand at the start of the book.  So, please, do not give up on this one.  You will enjoy it, I promise!

Be aware that there are, what my friends and I like to call, British-isms.  For example, you will here the mention of a weight measurement in Stones.  1 stone is about 14 pounds.  Some of the spelling is different as well, but not so much so that you can't figure out what it is -- learnt = learned, etc.  There are a few things that you feel may move too fast or that don't go deep enough into the story, but I had no issues moving on and continuing on a journey along side Tyana, Marcus, Karim, and Rebel.  Did I mention that Karim and Rebel are unicorns?  No? Oops!  There are more where they come from.

I don't want to go too far into detail because this is genuinely a good story and I want you to read it!  I just wanted to point out the things that may cause you to stop reading the book making you miss out on a good story!  There is love, friendship, action, mystery, and much more.  It is really a well rounded adventure.  If you act fast, you can get this first installment for free!  Just head over to the Unicorn Witch facebook page and get a coupon code to use on Smashwords.  If it isn't your thing who cares?  It was free!  If you like it, buy the next two books at a very reasonable price ♥