Finding Never by C.M. Stunich ♥

**This review will not contain spoilers for anyone who have not yet read the first book in the Never Say Never series.  Please read Tasting Never before you read this book!**

So, here I am again with the Never Say Never series, and while I was at a loss for words with Tasting Never, that is not the case here.  I have so many things to say about Finding Never that I'm not sure what to start with.  Maybe about the disclosure that should be printed on the cover that CM Stunich sneakily forgot?!  There should also be a recommendation that you buy stock in Kleenex, because you're going to go through at least one box by the end of the story!

It is amazing to me that one person can imagine all of the emotions that a person in Never's position goes through while mending their heart and rebuilding bridges they thought had been burned forever, and is actually able to write it down in a way that you experience those emotions with them.  I can't even count how many times I had to take a break reading this book because I couldn't see through the tears streaming down my face... and snot.  But don't fret!  They were happy tears, and not once was I sad because of this book!  Tasting Never sent me on an emotional roller coaster and had me question things about myself and reevaluate my own life and how I saw myself and my past, but in Finding Never I was able to repair some of my own personal damage right along with Never.  It was beautiful.  I felt so full of life once I was finished with this book and it felt wonderful.

Now, a little note for my now number 1 favorite author, ever -  I'm super duper proud of how well you've done with these last few books.  I hope you realize how amazing you actually are, as a writer and a person.  You're going to go very, very far, and I can't wait to see your name on the NY Times best sellers list (no, really) and brag to all of my friends that myself, and quite a few other amazing men and women that I've met over the last few months, helped you get there.  Keep doing what you are doing, this is your calling, and don't ever let anyone ever have you thinking otherwise.  I heart the fuck out of you!  Period. ♥


  1. Thank you so much for this review! Readers and friends like you make me WANT to write, pick me up when I'm down, and make me feel like I really can do this. <3

    (I'm planning on writing a book about anorexia. The release date should be this month or early next. P.S. This is your clue for the scavenger hunt if you're participating in the Finding Never Release Party Event)


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