Unicorn Witches - The Vengeance of the Godhe (Unicorn Witch Series) by Derek White

First, let me start by saying a huge 'well done' to Derek White on the second installment to Unicorn Witch!  I have a special place in my heart for all Indie authors.  I guess you could compare it to people who like to only shop at locally owned small businesses.  I like to be able to tag along on the ride to an amazing career, which I feel this author is heading!

Unicorn Witches begins 7 years after the conclusion of Unicorn Witch.  There are lots of new characters, from colorful backgrounds, to get to know.  If you read my review of Unicorn Witch and were worried to start reading the next installment, don't be!  Derek's wonderful daughter, Melanie Newton, took over as publisher and did a wonderful job!  Congrats, Melanie!

This installment was much easier to follow as there were less grammatical errors - also thanks to Melanie taking over as publisher/editor.  There are, again because our author lives in the UK, some "british-isms," but none that you would not be able to figure out on your own because of the context.  The only one that I think would be an issue would be his use of the term 'full stop' which is the same as a period (.) here in the states.

Personally, this one is my favorite so far - but I will be starting the third, and final (at this point anyway) book in the series today.  I cannot wait to see where we end up once the third book, Unicorn Witch III - Return to Earth, concludes!   Be sure to stay tuned for my review on that book. 

And a special note to the author - I actually giggled when I read your note at the end of the book regarding your character Melanie/Lace and why she was written into the book!  I think we could all be life long friends and hope that you continue writing because I can tell how much you love it just by reading you books. ♥