Immortal Blood - Immortal Heart series by Magen McMinimy

Immortal Blood by Magen McMinimy is a fun read!  It reminds me a bit of Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series, and I am a huge fan of her, so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this book.

Meet Izzy.  She is a successful woman, providing for herself quite nicely.  She owns her own home and a shiny, silver Audi (fun!).  She goes on a date with Mystery Man, Zander, and it takes a turn for the worst.

Enter Bain.  Bain is a Fae Warrior, and Immortal Brother, sworn to protect the human race from the Dark Fae wreaking havoc on the world.

He's arrogant, and she's... spicy!

I love this paranormal world that Magen has created!  There are a lot of other supernatural creatures in this book, but she creates her own twist on an overly done genre, making it her own, and had me hooked in a few short pages.  And this twist has nothing to do with sparkling vampires, making it even more likable.

I love Izzy's personality.  She is feisty and outspoken.  She is my kind of girl!  I'm a little sad, actually, that she is a fictional character, because she and I could be great, life-long friends.  She is quick witted and keeps arrogant Bain on his toes and second guessing himself.  They are great compliments to each other.

Ultimately, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, only because there were some editing issues (but honestly, when are there not editing issues in any Indie book?).  The story itself gets 10 stars... LOVED those love scenes ;-)

Q&A with Magen McMinimy

Just for fun :-)

Beckstar Reviews: How many books, as of right now, will there be for the Immortal Heart series?

Megan McMinimy: 1 for each brother, Kale (Immortal Cravings) Lothar (Immortal Promise) Uriah (Immortal Fight) and Cree and Rowan (Immortal Dream)
5 books so far, with Immortal Blood.

BR: What were you doing when you got the idea to write this series?  Or what inspired you to write it?

MM: It’s actually a little funny, the first series I wrote was a Paranormal Romance about vampires, and I loved it. But I knew when I finished that series I want to write something different. I had a character in mind that was this gorgeous, chiseled, sexy man who was arrogant and hated vampires, thus Bain was born. The very first thing I wrote in this series was the conversation between Bain and Izzy when she asks him if he’s a vampire.

BR: How do you react to a bad review for one of your books?

MM: Naturally no one wants to hear that someone doesn’t like what they have spent months pouring their heart into. However I accept that not everyone will love my books and I try to look at any criticism as an opportunity to grow.

BR: What is your “poison” of choice while writing, to help get the creativity flowing?

MM: I have a crazy writing mix that I listen to. I call it crazy because it covers most genres; Country, 80’s, love ballads, pop, some heavy metal and even classical.

BR: Do you and your husband ever try out any of the spicy scenes in your books?  Seriously, inquiring minds want to know!

MM: *smiling like the Cheshire cat* Uh . . .  maybe ;)

BR: Do you ever write naked?

MM: haha not completely, but I do all my writing while in the bedroom.

BR: Have you ever been to a Turkish prison?

MM: Nope. Now I’m curious.

BR: I’m sure you are!  But if I told you, I’d have to kill you.  What is your favorite romantic comedy and why?

MM: I don’t watch much TV or Movies and when I do, I don’t watch comedies. I’m a sucker for all the comic based movies (I’m also in love with Thor ;))

BR: If you woke up as an animal tomorrow, what would you want to be?

MM: Ooh that one’s hard . . . a year ago I would have said something like a tiger or wolf. But after writing Immortal Blood, the thought of flying seems pretty amazing, so I’d have to say a Hawk or Eagle.

BR: If you could switch lives with someone, dead or alive, for one day, who would you be?

MM: Izzy LOL

BR:  I’d have to agree with you!  I wouldn't mind if Bain turned my scent a little spicy! ;-) Dog or cat?

MM: Dogs ( I have two and they are my full sized babies) I had an amazingly cool cat at one time and I could never replace him, so no more cats for me.

BR: You are terminally ill and have 3 months to live.  Where would you most want to go that you have never been?

MM: Russia or Italy, either one would be good with me.